Kiki (so__alone) wrote in er_y3w_hawt,

Name: Nicole
Age: 15.
Location: Keswick, Ontario.
Sexual Preference: I'm straight.
Marital Status: Dating.
Favorite Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Cauterize, Thrice, AFI, Brand New. It ussually just depends on the song.
Favorite CD: Brand New - Deja Entendu
Favorite Movies: Virgin suicides, Nightmare before Christmas, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan and Pirates of the Carribean.
Favorite Books: Strange but True, Chicken Soup. Basically anything I can get my hands on. 
Favorite Song: Cauterize - Killing me
Favorite Lyric: Just when the wounds start healing, you're there to break me open. Watch the blood spill, I'm getting used to this
Pet Peeve: Speaking to someone with bad grammer, chewing loudly, slow typers,  Two faced people, ass kissers and bad breath.
Something you've never told anyone: I want a ferret.
What's an outfit you could wear everyday and not get tired of: Beige capris, White t - shirts and my pink and beige DCs.
I feel like laughing, tell me a joke: Okay, so there were these two muffins. Just chillin' in the oven. One muffin looks over and says "Ahh we're in an oven!" The other reply's "HOLY SHIT, a talking muffin."
What makes you so special? I couldn't tell yeah.
Let's talk abortions: I have nothing against them. Honestly, I think it would be better to have an abortion that to bore the child and force it to grow up in and un-welcoming situation for a baby.
Let's talk pre-marital sex: It's your decision. I have nothing against it. It should be up to the people about to engage in it, not their religions.
What do you think of j0hnny_v0dka: He seems like a cool guy.
How did you find us: Through a friends livejournal.
Think you'll get accepted: Maybe, I don't really know.
Anything you'd like to say: I'm tired.

Sorry if the pictures aren't clear or look adjusted. :S

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You look kind of like Sandra Bullock in the last picture..weird.
If I have to hear that joke again, I'm going to throw myself into the oven.

Wanting to have a ferret won, cause ferrets are so cute.

ah you win. yes.
I know a better version of that joke. Here goes...

There are two muffins in an oven. On muffin says to the other muffin, "Hey, you're Jewish!" So the other muffin says, "Hey, you're Jewish, too!" Then, the first muffin says, "Oh, shit! We're in an oven!!"

Anyway, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, you're application was boring. No.
I hate that damn muffin joke. I like Cauterize. But you do seem dull. But you do live in Ontario. Very dull place, I've heard. Therefore dull people would be in mass production. But I'll give a yes anyway.
haha alright. Thanks. :)
hmm is anyone gonna vote.. its kinda dead in here.