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Name: Nicole
Age: 15.
Location: Keswick, Ontario.
Sexual Preference: I'm straight.
Marital Status: Dating.
Favorite Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Cauterize, Thrice, AFI, Brand New. It ussually just depends on the song.
Favorite CD: Brand New - Deja Entendu
Favorite Movies: Virgin suicides, Nightmare before Christmas, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan and Pirates of the Carribean.
Favorite Books: Strange but True, Chicken Soup. Basically anything I can get my hands on. 
Favorite Song: Cauterize - Killing me
Favorite Lyric: Just when the wounds start healing, you're there to break me open. Watch the blood spill, I'm getting used to this
Pet Peeve: Speaking to someone with bad grammer, chewing loudly, slow typers,  Two faced people, ass kissers and bad breath.
Something you've never told anyone: I want a ferret.
What's an outfit you could wear everyday and not get tired of: Beige capris, White t - shirts and my pink and beige DCs.
I feel like laughing, tell me a joke: Okay, so there were these two muffins. Just chillin' in the oven. One muffin looks over and says "Ahh we're in an oven!" The other reply's "HOLY SHIT, a talking muffin."
What makes you so special? I couldn't tell yeah.
Let's talk abortions: I have nothing against them. Honestly, I think it would be better to have an abortion that to bore the child and force it to grow up in and un-welcoming situation for a baby.
Let's talk pre-marital sex: It's your decision. I have nothing against it. It should be up to the people about to engage in it, not their religions.
What do you think of j0hnny_v0dka: He seems like a cool guy.
How did you find us: Through a friends livejournal.
Think you'll get accepted: Maybe, I don't really know.
Anything you'd like to say: I'm tired.

Sorry if the pictures aren't clear or look adjusted. :S

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